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Seven Year Itch June 10, 2010

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On June 1st, my hubby and I celebrated our seven year anniversary.  It is hard to believe that it has been seven years.  We have a house and 2 kids and a lot of wonderful memories to show for the past seven years.  But we don’t have the seven year itch.  At least in the traditional sense of the phrase.

I do however have the seven year itch with all the items we registered for 7 years ago for the wedding.  I’m sick of a lot of it and am ready for some new stuff.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do a” seven year itch” registry?  I know seven years is not a milestone year, but history and research show that seven years is the time when most people start to re-evaluate their relationship.  Sadly, it is the average number of years marriages last in North America.  I’m not ready to end my relationship with Jeremy – nor will I ever be!  But I am ready to end my relationship with some of our basic household items.  I’m itchin’ for new stuff!  Here is my wish list:

1.  Towels

I honestly don’t even remember what towels we registered for.  Was it the Pottery Barn ones or the Restoration Hardware ones?  It’s confusing because I know we also got new towels when we refinished the one and only bathroom in our house the summer I was pregnant with Mason (good timing, huh?)  Either way, I’m ready for new towels.  Isn’t there some sort of life span of a towel?  I would like to think so.  Unfortunately Jeremy does not agree.  I think we have an old beach towel from his childhood.  (Nostalgia is great except when he thinks we should still be using this 25 year old towel.)

Somehow my towels just aren’t doing it for me these days.  They have lost their plushness, and I can’t seem to get a mildew smell out of some of them no matter what I do!  And I need new colors.  Our bathroom is painted tan, our tile is stone colored, and our towels are tan, yellow, greenish tan, white and blue.  The blue and tan are my least favorites and therefore I don’t use them much.  (Wait a minute…  should I be revealing all this?  I often give guests the blue and tan ones.  Hmm…  is that why guests don’t often shower at my house?  Ok, that settles it, I need new towels for our guests!  That’s a worthy cause, right?)  The yellow and greenish tan (just a weird color now after hundreds of washings) towels are ok, but I want color!  I want a pop!  The point of having a tan bathroom was so I could decorate with any color.

It’s time.  I’m heading over to Home Goods this weekend to see what kind of deal I can find on towels!

2.  Dishes

Jeremy and I like green and yellow.  If you came to our house you would see this in almost every room.  We love decorating with green and yellow.  But it has to stop somewhere.  I think that place is in dishes.  We went with a Pottery Barn dish that came in cream and sage green.  A year or so after our wedding, they came out with a golden yellow and darker green in the same dish, so we bought a few of those to add more pop to our collection.  Sadly, these dishes have not held up well.  We only have two or three of each type that is not chipped or cracked.  And I’m bored with them.

I hosted a baby shower a few years ago for my dear friend, Megan, and for that I bought cheap white square plates from Ikea.  They have been my go to plate ever since.  I reach to the highest shelf in our cabinets every day to get these plates rather than taking the green or yellow ones from the lowest shelf.  And they have held up beautifully.  Thank you, Ikea!  Last year we were gifted some new bowls that were white (with a small green decoration) to better match our new favorite plates.  Now we just need smaller plates to go with our white theme, and we could get rid of the entire PB collection.  I think white is just classic.  If ever in doubt, register for white plates.  No matter how much you think you love your “pattern,” you will soon tire of it and want something new.  You can never go wrong with white!

3.  Clothes

Ok, I didn’t register for clothes, but I do think I still have clothes I wore seven years ago.  And yes, I think I still wear them too.  I’m an old married woman with kids now…  I think I need a wardrobe to match!

4.  Baking sheets

With as much as I use my baking sheets, I feel like I need to replace them every so often to get the best out of them.  My air-insulated ones aren’t horrible, but I do have a couple of old sheets that have seen better days.  It’s time to boost my bakeware collection.  Cookie sheets, cake pans,  glass dishes with tops, etc.  I could go on and on.  And actually my Wishpot Wish List does go on and on about new baking items I drool over.

5.  Pots and Pans

This one isn’t so much a replacement, but an addition.  I love my All-Clad pots and pans.  Even when I make our family dish of conkelon (burnt yellow rice), all it takes is a little soaking to get all the burned leftovers off the bottom of the pan.  Yes, they have lost their beautiful luster, but that just shows good wear and tear on something as nice as All-Clad.  What I really wish I had registered for all those 7 years ago was a Le Creuset Round French Oven.  My life is not complete without a good 5 1/2 quart one.  There are so many recipes I have kept aside just waiting for this dish to enter my life.  Oh the things I could cook!  (And yes, I would get purple, not white because some things are just meant to be full of color and Le Creuset pot is one of them!)

So while I would never itch in my relationship with Jeremy, I am wanting to scratch my way to new “registry” items.  My new backyard kind of puts a damper on the finances for supporting this need to scratch, especially since I’ll need some new outdoor dishes and accessories once it’s all done.  But an old married woman can dream, right?  And itch…  and scratch…


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