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More Progress – Seeing the Vision June 7, 2010

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More progress is being made in the backyard.  One wall is officially done, and we’re finally starting to see the vision we have had through all these years.  We’re so excited to see so much progress every single day.  For awhile, it was just digging and bigger piles of dirt, but now that things are getting built, we have something to look forward to at the end of each day.

The low wall is complete - it's perfect for sitting too!

The tall wall is still being built, but I expect it complete today.

Of course, as with every construction project, plans change as we go along.  An unexpected change was an additional wall on the fence side of the stairs (you can kind of see the problem in the tall wall picture above.)  Because we dug so far down to build the patio, there is a lot of ground leftover without anything to hold it up.  And the fence was built to the top of the yard as it was before, but now there is exposed dirt below the fence.  After weeks of back and forth, we have decided we need an additional wall next to the fence.  This obviously means more money and more time.  Originally we were told all walls would be done by the end of this week, and I had hopes for completion by Father’s Day.  But we just feel this additional wall is the only real way to solve the problem.  All other solutions would just look like a band-aid and we wouldn’t feel good about it.

Not only has the project changed along the way, but we’ve also realized that to truly have a complete look, we need to add more things to our list of to-dos.  My new to-do list:

1.  Paint basement door purple to match all other exterior doors.

2.  New storm doors on basement door and side kitchen door.

3.  New hose holder

4.  Lots and lots of new plants (this was known beforehand, but becomes apparent as we see the destruction of current plants)

5.  Figure out how to kill off the current weed/grass combination we have and replant shade loving grass seed.

So my Father’s Day completion date is far from a reality at this point, but I’m still excited about the progress.  I can see the vision and like what I see so far!


One Response to “More Progress – Seeing the Vision”

  1. Alaina Says:

    It looks great, and good luck with the rest of your project!

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