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A Whole New World May 18, 2010

Filed under: Daily Blog — Robin @ findgoodineveryday @ 7:00 pm

FINALLY!!!!  After living in our house for 6 years and doing almost every upgrade we could to our living spaces and front yard, we have FINALLY made it to the backyard.  Many of you may have never even seen our backyard – mostly because we never wanted anyone to see it.  There are only a few redeeming things back there.

1.  A hand-built shed that is probably 2 weekends away from being finished.  (and has been 2 weekends away from being finished for 2 years after originally being constructed over the 2 years prior)

2.  My first hydrangea plant in all it’s periwinkle glory!

3.  My second hydrangea plant in all it’s “limelight” glory!

Yes, that’s about it for redeeming qualities of our backyard.   You think I’m being a bit harsh, don’t you?  I’ll let you decide for yourself with this rare offer.  That’s right… for a limited time only, I am offering you the chance to see our backyard through our camera lens.  (It’s much safer than actually seeing it with your own eyes.)  These “before” shots were taken the night before demolition began.

Ok, that’s enough.  As the demo continues and then the rebuilding begins, I will update you with photos so you can see the transformation as we are seeing it.  And then when it is done, the celebration begins!  I can’t wait to have this whole new world in our backyard ready for great new memories.


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