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Busy Days April 19, 2010

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As we head into spring and summer, our schedules get overbooked very quickly.  Not only are there family get-togethers and birthday parties, but there are playdates, baby showers, girls nights out for me and boys nights out for Jeremy.  Needless to say, we have not spent a lot of “family” time together recently.  We cherish what we do get, but otherwise, Jeremy and I have had to rely on pictures to get a feel for what we’ve been missing. 

Most recently, I went away for a night to help throw Jen her first baby shower in Charlottesville.  I was super excited about it – not only did it mean I got some precious time with my sister (without kids), but I got to participate in a lot of things baby-related.  (I’m loving all this baby prep – especially since it is not for me!)

Laurie, Francine, Jen and I post baby shower! What a great event!

What would a post from me be without a picture of the latest baking creation? These were the almond cupcakes with white chocolate frosting I made for the shower. Pat myself on the back - delicious!

But while I was gone, Jeremy and the kids were having a lot of fun without me.  A trip to the zoo, a birthday party for dear Anna, bagels in Bethesda, playground visits…  Jeremy definitely kept them busy!  He was exhausted by the time I got home, but that didn’t keep him from spending the entire day on Sunday mulching our yard.  (My hero!)  Honestly, I think he was perfectly happy being outside away from the kids after 30 hours straight with them.  What kind of wife would I be if I hadn’t let him do yard work all day? 

Super Cooper! I sure did miss this kid while I was gone - even if only for a night!

And I missed this beautiful girl too.

I missed the bacon and lettuce bagel sandwich that I would have gotten here with them... Oh yeah, and I guess I missed Jeremy too. ha ha ha

 We have a whole week coming up without Jeremy.  I’ll have to take lots of pictures while he’s gone so he can stay current on all of our stuff.  We’ll definitely miss him, but look forward to some true family time coming up when he returns.  Busy days behind.  Busy days ahead.


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