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Role Reversal April 12, 2010

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*Note that this post was written over a week ago, but due to some unfortunate wireless issues at home, I’m just able to post it now.

When Mason was born, Jeremy was a bit camera crazy.  I think we have about 500 pictures just from Mason’s first few days.  But being a first time parent, it is not so abnormal.  When Cooper was born, there were less pictures, but not by much.  The second child syndrome didn’t set in for a few months since we were in heaven just watching moments unfold between brother and sister and enjoying the novelty of baby boys.  Jeremy often had the camera in hand, but after awhile, the camera became a “hassle” to always carry and have on hand.  It was often forgotten.  Hey!  We were busy keeping two young children fed, clean and entertained to think about taking pictures.

But for the past year or so, I’ve been the designated photographer of our family.  I’m sure it started with the creation of my blog.  I knew I would want to post pictures, so I took it upon myself to take the camera with me wherever I went.  That being said, there are few pictures of me over the last year unless I forced Jeremy to take my picture.  I was the one behind the camera…  I didn’t mind so much.  I was recording history.

This past Saturday, that all changed.  Jeremy took back his role of family photographer with a vengeance.  All in thanks to his new best friend, his Canon Rebel EOS XSi.

The DSLR purchase has been weighing on our minds for awhile.  Being an avid blog reader, I have seen all the beautiful pictures that come from bloggers with DSLR’s.  Whether they are food blogs or parenting blogs, the pictures often leave me wondering if I could ever take such great pictures.  Now I can!  (Or Jeremy can, and then I can blog about them!)  It’s a whole new world, and I’m loving it.

Enjoying a day on the farm for Peaster!

More importantly, I’m super excited that Jeremy fell in love with being the photographer as much as he did.  It’s only been a few days, but I can already see his passion for it, his willingness to test different settings and modes and his desire to view the world through a camera lens.

Pippi liked the new camera too.

He is obviously still learning all the ins and outs of photography, but it is very cool to see him enjoy the medium.  And I am enjoying the pictures he is getting of the family.  Definitely keepers.  Here are a few more from our Easter weekend.

Cooper was in love with the orange tractor.

Mason has a career ahead of her in tractor modeling.

Searching high and low for Easter eggs.

With the new camera, we can finally capture Cooper in his element.

Mason loves the camera, and the camera loves her.

Enough pictures for now, but there's lots more where these came from!


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  1. yep, nice pix. That’s a beautiful area you’re visiting or live in.

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