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I Love My Family! April 1, 2010

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I am so thankful that my sister and her husband live only 2 short hours away.  Yes, I would love to live closer, and yes, I realize that they will most likely move farther away in a couple of years, but I’ll appreciate what I have for now.  I love my sister and love hanging out.  And now she is expecting her first child, and I couldn’t be more excited!  I get to be an aunt!  My kids get to have a real true cousin (they have several second cousins or cousins once removed or whatever you want to call them!)  I can’t wait to meet and hold Baby Lightning.  I can’t wait to watch Mason and Cooper interact with him and see them grow up together.  What a blessing!

We enjoyed a trip down to Charlottesville to see Jen and Scott last weekend… one of the few remaining weekends pre-Baby Lightning.  (Baby Lightning is a shortened version of Mason and Cooper’s ideas for baby names – Lightning Elmo Troy Pease – an homage to all their favorite characters!)  There was much fun to be had!  Meema joined us, and we had a wonderful family weekend.

After a Bodo's breakfast and a detour to replace a flat tire on our car, we enjoyed a UVA/JHU lacrosse game. Mason loved it... Cooper enjoyed watching baseball players warm-up instead.

Baby bumps - thankfully only one of them is real!

Mason loves the swings at Jen and Scott's house. She could stay out there for hours (and has!) On this recent trip, she started doing swing tricks. She can actually change from one swing to the other while swinging! Quite impressive!

After all the fun on Saturday, of course we had to end the day making pizza with Scott.  No trip to Charlottesville is complete until we make pizza with Scott.  (Although, we might need to take the pressure off this tradition when Baby Lightning comes.  Thankfully a new pizza joint is opening up down the street.  We’ll have to give Scott a night off next time and try it out!)  I don’t have any pictures of the pizza making because honestly, we already have dozens of pizza making pictures.  Like I said, it’s tradition!  Just imagine Mason carefully listening to Scott and expertly kneading the dough, spreading the sauce with her fingers and spreading out the cheese.  And then imagine Cooper pounding the dough, spreading the sauce all over the crust and onto the tray and the counter, and then dumping cheese in one place on the pizza.  Did you imagine that?  Then you know what it was like.  Although you probably can’t taste the delicious pizza, and for that, I feel sorry for you.  It was awesome as usual.  Thanks Scott!  (Actually thanks to Jen for a delicious dough!)

We sadly had to say goodbye on Sunday morning.  But it isn’t goodbye for long.  We get to see them again this weekend for Easter, and then again next weekend for Jen’s first baby shower.  The springtime fun is beginning.  And come June, we will have much to celebrate as we welcome my first nephew into this world.  I love my growing family!

Belly bumpin' - it's all the rage these days.


2 Responses to “I Love My Family!”

  1. Jen Says:

    Thanks for the very sweet post — we of course had a great time with you guys (as we always do!!). Can’t wait for Baby Lightning to meet his aunt, uncle, and cousins — we will all have such fun together! Love you.

  2. Rachel Says:

    Oh wow! Congrats to all! What wonderful news 🙂

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