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Magical Days… Rain Included March 12, 2010

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In less than 24 hours, we will be landing back at BWI and vacation will be over.  Sad times.  But the week itself included lots of great times.  It’s impossible to name all of them, so I will try to list some of the highlights.  If it were up to Cooper to write this blog, there would be only two highlights.  Play drums and Nemo.  Or as Cooper would say it, “Cooper play drums myself.”  or  “See Nemo and Daddy Nemo and Mommy Nemo.  Orange.”  Does that sum it up for you?  Didn’t think so.

Yes, Cooper did get to play drums…  at Sea World, Epcot and Animal Kingdom.  We did see the Nemo show at Animal Kingdom.  Oh, and he enjoyed the “teacups in the air” at Sea World.  He got over his initial over stimulation from the first day and finally got into the groove.  He was super excited to see the tigers at Animal Kingdom and was quite smitten with seeing any drums whether they were in marching bands, drum corps or just drums he could play himself.  I know he can’t wait to get a hand on his real drum at home, though.  I think that will be the first thing he runs for when we walk in the door.

Another common theme for Cooper this week was wanting the pink or orange version of everything. Luckily all of these "teacups" were pink.

The highlights for Mason were much more wide ranged.  She had new favorites every single day.  The hardest day for her was at Sea World, though, because she really wanted to ride the big roller coasters, but was not big enough.  She cried every time Kristin, Jeremy and Nana went on the big roller coasters that she couldn’t go on.  To appease her, we took her on a water flume ride at Sea World for which she was tall enough.  Sadly we hadn’t read into this ride much in our Disney with Kids book, which we saw later suggested it for 7+.  Mason did not like the big drop.  I didn’t like the big drop, nor did Kristin or Jeremy.  It was crazy!  It was a huge drop, and the ride was awful.  Definitely will not be doing that again.  Luckily she got over her fear and went on the River Rapids ride at Animal Kingdom and some other roller coasters that were more her size.  So glad that didn’t turn into another paranoia for her!  To sum up, though, Mason had 4 favorites for the week.

1.  River Rapids

2.  High School Musical Show

She was disappointed the real Gabriella and Troy were not there, but still loved all the music and dancing.

3.  Playhouse Disney Show

4.  Goofy’s Barnstormer roller coaster

Honestly, I don’t know much about Jeremy’s highlights of the week.  If I were to guess, it would be the new Toy Story Mania game at Hollywood Studios, not being at work, and having fun with the kiddos.

Army guy and my fam...

Most of my highlights from the trip were a little more subtle.  I loved watching the kids have fun.  I loved hearing the joy in their voices when they saw something magical.  I loved that we got to spend quality time together, no matter rain or shine.

My little drummer boy.

Mason was such a big girl with Sleeping Beauty. I was very proud.

One of the rare family photos... Starting off our safari with Minnie.

So despite the downpour of rain the last two days of our vacation, we still had a blast.  The kids were great most of the time, and we built some amazing memories.  Can’t do much better than that on a family vacation.  Now…  if only we didn’t have to wait so long for the next one.


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