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Sun and Fun March 7, 2010

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Aahhh…  The feeling of sun on our skin.  Yes, that’s right – bare skin.  Quite unusual for the past several months in Maryland.  But here in Florida, we are baring our skin and loving it!  Granted we are just baring our arms with short sleeves, but hoping that we will be swimming within a day or two as the weather gets warmer.

Jeremy has encouraged me to try to post a few blogs this week while we’re here in Florida.  I can’t promise anything, but as I sit here watching the Oscars with Cooper sleeping in the other room and the rest of the gang out watching fireworks at Magic Kingdom, I figured why not.  So here I am….  trying my hardest to enjoy my vacation by keeping away from email and Facebook.  (Ok, you caught me.  I checked both.  But only because I’m sitting here alone!  Please don’t tell Jeremy!)

We landed in the sunshine of Florida yesterday after a pretty easy flight. (Thank you Mason and Cooper!)  After making our way through baggage claim and the rental car line with 7 hungry people, we finally managed to eat “linner” and then settle in at the Grande Vista Resort.

Sunset on the lake

We were excited to tour the resort knowing that there had been many improvements since the last time we had been here.  We were pleasantly surprised with all the new stuff – a new gym, new ice cream parlor, new spa, new kids room…  It’s great!  We will definitely need to plan some time here throughout the week.

The true start of our vacation 1 year in the making.

But we couldn’t rest for long.  Disneyworld awaited!  So on our first full day here in Florida, we headed to the motherlode – Magic Kingdom!  Much like Mason her first time 2 years ago, Cooper was overwhelmed.  He was just not himself all morning as he tried to digest all that was going on around him, all that we were telling him.  It is a lot to take in at his age.  He made it through the Tea Cups, cried through Mickey’s Philharmagic 3D show, and then finally lightened up after Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and some lunch (what kid doesn’t cheer up after french fries and ketchup for lunch?)

Spin, spin.. round and round

Mason, on the other hand, acted like a pro.  She knew what she wanted to do.  She was ready for her princesses and ready for her roller coasters.  (I love that thrill side of her!  It’s such a different side of her than we usually see.)

Mason and Kristin - ride sidekicks

All in all, it was a great day.  It was a long day, but a good one.  A good mix of kid-friendly fun and adult fun.  Off to Sea World tomorrow!  I can’t wait for this one since we passed on it last time.  We hear the roller coasters there are the best!  We’ll see if I have the nerve.


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