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Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes in Picture Form March 1, 2010

Filed under: Daily Blog — Robin @ findgoodineveryday @ 5:39 pm

I realized that despite telling you about all the changes we have done throughout our house recently, I never showed you the final results.  So here is our official “reveal.”

The living room - this was the impetus for many of the other changes.

After much rearranging, we finally settled on putting our comfy leather chair in the far corner. It's now a great chair for reading, surfing the web, watching tv, cuddling with the kids, or just relaxing.

My "Organization Station." We got rid of our junk drawer and now have a dedicated space for family meal planning, events calendar and the other odds and ends that help run a busy household. And the kids get the lower half of the board for drawing. It's a win-win.

And finally, the kitchen windowsill. It is still one of my favorite changes. I can't wait for spring when the flowers right out front are in bloom. The window now feels so open and bright, thanks to some small changes and paint.

The only thing I cannot show you is the basement.  It is still a work in progress due to the excess “stuff” being stored there.  So my “craft center” that I was very excited about is still just a bookcase with crafts on it – the table is not clear enough to even do the crafts.  Soon enough though.  Craigslist is not helping out though, so I guess donations will have to be the way to go.  Unless Jeremy is up for another yard sale this summer…  (I swore them off three years ago, so I’d have to be really crazy and desperate to do it again.  Only time will tell.)


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