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Adventures of the Snowpocalypse Part 2 February 16, 2010

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So we lost power.  After waiting for 3 hours for it to turn back on and being disappointed, we had to make other plans.  Luckily Jeremy’s sister still had power.  Her one-bedroom condo (a fact which made the adventure in itself more interesting) is only 2 miles from our house, so we felt we could make it in the car.  We were encouraged by the fact that there was heat at the other end and hoped that would continue to be the case.

Even though we parked nearby, we still had to walk through the streets and over minimally shoveled piles of snow carrying bags of food and beer, a bowl of cookie dough, and Cooper.  But we made it and quickly started warming up and cooking!  The kids had a blast digging through Kristin’s toy box and finding some interesting items.

Duck Tour souvenirs...  A "quacking" band.

Duck Tour souvenirs... A "quacking" band.

The biggest entertainment of the night - the whoopie cushion!

Serious "whoopie" laughter!

After some whoopie cushion fun, deliciously warm chocolate chip cookies, and one more check on the power situation (still none!), the kids went to sleep.  It had been a long day, so luckily they took to their new sleeping arrangements easily and went fast to sleep while Jeremy, Kristin, and I watched Harry Potter.

Camping at Aunt Kristin's!

Up bright and early the next morning in hopes to find a “pancake store” that was open.  No such luck.  One more check on the house (still no power), and then off to Dunkin Donuts.  Of course the DD would not close!

She couldn't wait for her chocolate donut - so excited!

Unfortunately our nearest DD is small, and being the only place open in a big radius, it was packed.  Despite wanting to just hang out for awhile and waste time, we had to give up our seat to other “no power” folks.  So what next?  What were we going to do to waste time all day waiting for our power to come back on?  The roads were not great, so I wasn’t a big fan of just driving all over the place.  Not wanting to inconvenience anyone else, we set out to find out if Target was open.  We can always waste time at Target.  The Wheaton Target was not open, though, but Giant was!

The shelves were slowly getting restocked.

Sadly, we only wasted about 35 minutes at Giant.  We were the only customers there.  It was pretty dismal.  I should have been a better mom and come up with some game among the aisles, but I was out of ideas.  We bought some snacks and drinks in case we had to be in the car all day and then hit the road.  Back home to see if the power had been restored (again, no luck there!)

Is this boring you yet?  Is our trek through snowed-in civilization not as exciting as I think it is?

We did find a Target that was open in Rockville, so we wasted a good amount of time there.  Back to the house again (is anyone counting?) for the power check (can you take a guess?)  Out to lunch at Eggspectations because Austin Grill had no kitchen staff, then over to Great Kids Village for some indoor kid-focused fun.

Cooper as a knight in shining armor...

Mason as a damsel in distress... Although she's not showing her distress here.

The kids were so thankful to get to run around and go crazy.  And they deserved it!  They were really good that day despite the circumstances.  I am very grateful for that.

Once we ran out of steam at GKV, we headed home for another check on the power.  On the way, we determined that we would go inside no matter what – all of us.  If there was no power, we would pack up more bags and decide whose house to crash at next.  At one corner, we saw the Pepco trucks…  I got hopeful.  As we pulled into the driveway, I saw a light on in the kitchen, but wasn’t sure if it was a glare from the sun or not.  Thankfully it was not.  Power had been restored!  25 hours of now power.  We had made it!

Of course as soon as we got inside the kids went nuts.  Back to our normal routine – well, normal for snowed-in conditions.  Pizza was all we wanted for dinner, but guess what?  It was Superbowl Sunday.  EVERYONE wanted pizza.  We got lucky and got one of the last pizzas before Dominos cut off orders for the night.  Hooray!

It was time to settle in and get ready for another wild week of snow.


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