Find Good In Every Day

One mom's attempt at finding good in every day of this chaotic world.

My Good For Today January 28, 2010

Filed under: Daily Blog — Robin @ findgoodineveryday @ 4:45 pm

It has not been a super great day.  Everyone has these once in awhile.  It is bound to happen.  Just one thing after another.  But then one little thing put a smile on my face and warmth in my heart.

When I apologized to Mason for not being in a great mood, she said, “It’s ok.  I still love you.”

That statement speaks volumes to me about the unconditional love children can show.  If she can still love me when I’m in a bad mood, can’t I suck it up and play with my kids without sulking about all the wrongs of my day?  Can’t I put it behind me and show them how much I love them by doing puzzles or drawing pictures with them?  Definitely something for me to remember today.

How can I stay in a bad mood with these two characters around?


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