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Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes January 7, 2010

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Happy 2010!  The start of a new year and a new decade!  The reality is setting in that the 90’s were a long time ago.   I keep thinking it was just a few years ago, but now that we’re officially an entire decade past the 90’s, I think I need to rethink it all.  Where did the time go?  In the 90’s I was in high school and then into college.  In the 00’s, I was heading out into the real word after college, getting married and having a couple kids.  Now heading into the teens, what will define this decade for me?  Jeremy and I (and many of our friends) will be turning the big 4-0.  That’s a big milestone.  My kids will enter public school and daycare costs will be a thing of the past (hopefully!)  I will be free of diapers and strollers.  Those are the obvious changes.  They are the predictable ones.  But what about the unpredictable changes?  We’re heading into the unknown.  It’s exciting and scary all at the same time.

Jeremy and I like change.  We crave it.  We often discuss what we could change next to keep things exciting.  Ideas have ranged from a move to a new job to a finished basement to more vacations…  Not all are realistic right now.  After mulling over everything ad nauseum, we usually end up with some basic changes that are realistic – meaning in budget and in time constraints.  It is often disappointing to give up on the bigger changes, but we know that things change daily and that our time will come when the bigger changes will be realistic.

Our latest change came to light thanks to our love of decorating (and re-decorating), our love to shop for home furnishings, and some generous Christmas gifts.  Our living room is quite chaotic now, but we’re hoping for our “reveal” to happen this weekend when we get everything back in place.  It’s a small change, but it has snowballed into some other small changes that, all together, mean that we will be able to sit back and enjoy everything as it is for a while before our “need” for change creeps up again.

Changes include:

1 – New bookcases in the living room

2 – New media stand to hold a new TV

(Numbers 1 and 2 required a change of TV location, so we’ll be curious if that itself requires more changes down the road.)

3 – New location for very comfortable chair, which will help define a more cozy atmosphere in the living room

4 – Old bookshelves have been moved to basement to create the Lake Family Craft Center

5 – Rearranged playspace in basement allows for more kid fun (while also allowing adults to get some Wii action in while kids play)

6 – Relocated utility table to help create a more defined laundry space

7 – Beautifully restored window sill in kitchen has created many smiles while washing dishes and making meals.  (Ok, so this has nothing to do with the living room makeover.  But I had to give my hubby props for finally getting around to fixing the eyesore of our kitchen.  I wish I had a before picture so I could show off the difference, but anyone who has been in our house and stood in our kitchen would have noticed the horrible window sill.  Now it is restored, repainted, and wonderfully useful.  Thanks hubby!)

This change has invigorated us.  It has given us a needed respite from the monotony of our daily lives.  It has gotten us off our butts in the evenings to build, assemble, move, rearrange, reorganize, and stand in awe over our hard work.  I love doing these kind of things with Jeremy.  It really helps put more reasons behind why we would love to be in business together someday doing all of those things for other people.  Maybe that’s a change that will come this decade.  ???  You never know!


One Response to “Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes”

  1. Meema Says:

    Can hardly wait to see the new living room arrangement!
    You guys are such an awesome team! Not just in “organizing” things about the home and creating aesthetically inviting and functional spaces, but in realizing some of the important lessons of life…like small changes inevitably lead to bigger changes and, as in the Wizard of Oz… you don’t have to go far to find happiness and love…it’s right there in your own front/back yard–or under your roof.
    2111 Linden Lane still has lots of life and good times to be shared under its humble eaves while in your loving care.
    love, meema

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