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Birthday Cakes Retrospect January 4, 2010

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After Cooper’s birthday party last week, I realized I have done a variety of birthday cakes over the years for both Mason and Cooper.  Feeling as though this last one was the pinnacle, I thought I would do a retrospect of birthday cakes.

First, though, I will ask the age old question…  Why do we do this to ourselves?  As far as I know, there is no rule that says we must outdo ourselves every year with everything from presents to activities to cakes.  Why go all out?  Why put ourselves through the torture of wondering how we will outdo the year before?  As you will be able to tell from the cakes (or cupcakes) below, I have not necessarily followed that unwritten rule of outdoing myself each year.  But I do feel there is a little bit to live up to.

My celebration of one year of motherhood started out with a simple  nod to some fun girly colors.

It was my first attempt at icing bags rather than just using knife to spread it.

 For her second birthday, I took the fire trucks and rubber duck theme and ran with it.

Wilton Fire Truck Pan and different sized tips for my icing bags.

Help from Meema on these!

 Mason’s 3rd birthday came before Cooper’s 1st birthday.  We were still getting through our first year of having two kids.  The exhaustion gets to you after awhile.  Hence, I went with a basic colored cupcake for her third…  No need to outdo the fire truck from the year before here!

Again with the brightly colored cupcakes. Good thing Mason LOVES cupcakes!

Then came Cooper’s first birthday…  We just had family over, so the big grand “First Birthday – Must Go Big” need was not there.  (That will come with this second birthday!)  And there is the whole “second child syndrome” thing.  (Again, we corrected that with his second birthday.)  So for Number 1, just simple red velvet cupcakes.


 Are you seeing a theme yet?  Yeah, me neither.  Trying to keep it simple mostly.  Mason’s 4th birthday was no exception.  She did not have a big party.  I took cupcakes to school, but nothing grand there.  And then she really wanted a cookie cake, so that’s what she got. 


Sadly Mrs. Fields does not do HSM cookie cakes.

Up until this year, we had done 4 birthdays for Mason and 1 for Cooper – 5 all together.  3 cupcake birthdays, 1 fire truck cake and a cookie cake not including cupcakes for all school parties. 

Following the trend of Mason’s 2nd birthday fire truck cake, I figured I would buy a Wilton football shaped cake pan to go along with Cooper’s football themed party.  Jeremy had different ideas.  The football would not do.  We had to do a football helmet.  I said that was fine as long as he was willing to help.  So on New Years Eve, as we waited for the arrival of 2010 and Jen and Scott, we started on the football helmet cake. 

It started out with two batches of Paula Deen’s pound cake.  Then some delicious chocolate butter cream.

The cut-off crusts from the top of each cake were easily the best part!

Jeremy then got his knife out and started sculpting away.

The scraps with chocolate frosting were a close second, though. Make this recipe - it is awesome!

Finally, after some icing trials, we got the end product.

Go Team CL!

Details, Details…

In my mind, this is the pinnacle of our cake timeline.  This one “takes the cake!”  (Pardon the pun!)  If we go along the trend line, though, next year, Cooper will just get cupcakes.  But, I think it’s time for Mason to get something big and beautiful and princess-y, so I’ll have to start figuring that one out.  Princess or castle? 

In the meantime, anyone want some cake?


One Response to “Birthday Cakes Retrospect”

  1. christina Says:

    WOW! That’s a great cake! I’m thinking that Jeremy’s model building skills are really paying off in the baking industry!!!

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