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Cooper Turns 2! January 3, 2010

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It was only a year ago that we were celebrating Cooper turning 1.  And it was only 2 years ago that we were celebrating Cooper coming into this world and making our family complete.

It's A Boy!

The feeling that Jeremy and I felt when they announced that our little baby was a boy was pure joy.  We had hoped we would get one of each, but the mystery was unanswered up until about 9:30am on January 4, 2008.  With a scheduled C-section, I didn’t get to officially hold Cooper for another hour or so, but when I held him for the first time, I was in heaven.  Don’t get me wrong, I had felt the same with Mason when she was born.  It is just amazing that you have the same amount of love for another child.  I didn’t think my heart could get that big!

He'll always be my baby boy.

Cooper quickly had a personality all his own.  I think most parents that have more than one child wonder if the kids are more laid back or if it’s that the parents are more laid back the second or third time around.  Tough call.  Jeremy and I definitely didn’t feel like experts (far from it!), but we were not as over the top concerned as we were with Mason.  There were less midnight meltdowns, fewer frantic calls to grandparents for help, and much more adventure.  Heck, we had two now!  What had we done to ourselves?

Family of Four

But Cooper was just chill.  So relaxed, went with the flow.  He endured his big sister’s overbearing love.  He got through a trip to Disneyworld at 7 weeks old.  And sadly (on my part), he was brave enough to go to daycare at only 10 weeks old. 

Just chillin'

Througout the past 2 years, we have cooed, awed, and best of all, laughed so much in thanks to this little boy.

He is pretty darn cute on his own.

But the two of them together is adorable.

As we say in our family, Cooper is the silliest of all of us.  He is Super Duper Cooper.  He is Pooper Cooper (yes, we know this nickname will haunt him forever).  Cooper doesn’t care what anyone thinks.  He just wants to have fun.  He just wants to make others laugh. 

And boy have we laughed.

The kid is usually up for anything.  He eats a lot, loves to jump and rarely cries when he falls.  Like I said, he is just chill.

Bumps, bruises and scratches are an everyday thing for Cooper. He is often unphased.

As the two years have gone by, we’ve seen the little boy come out it in him. Despite his attachment to a pretty purple wand early in life, he has now become attached to footballs and drumsticks (and rough and tumble fights with his sister).  That doesn’t mean he’ll shy away from the occasional barrette, necklace or…


He is confident in himself.  He knows who Cooper is, and he’s not scared to show it!  That’s why I love him so much.  Such personality, such confidence, and such love.  He is our snuggle bug.  He’s a lover.  He’s my baby boy. 

Happy 2nd Birthday, Cooper. Keep marching on!

Love from your favorite Mommy!


One Response to “Cooper Turns 2!”

  1. Meema Says:

    I absolutely cherish this beautiful “celebration” of “life with Cooper” these past two years. And wow…the helmet cake certainly topped all! Not only an aesthetic delight but a culinary feat and tasty baker’s pride as well. You both are blessed indeed to have two great kids…each with their own distinctive personalities and talents and both who love each other, enjoy being with one another, and absolutely, undeniably love their parents and all of us who love them so much. What more can a happy meema say…except that hey…while my cakes were no match to yours, you, Jen, Jeremy, and Scott certainly set a high bar for our next generation!

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