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May The Merry Bells Keep Ringing December 31, 2009

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I still have Christmas songs in my head.  I haven’t yet taken them off my iPod, but I have not played my Holiday playlist since Christmas Day.  I guess it is time to let Christmas go for the year.  We put all of our decorations away on Tuesday night.  We have another important event coming up that we need to be prepared for…  Cooper’s 2nd birthday!

But before we get into a reminiscent post about my darling baby boy, I better get through Christmas…  officially put it behind us with this post. 

This was a really fun holiday season for the Lake family.  Mason is understanding the whole Santa thing (and yes, we have milked that for all it’s worth!), and Cooper learned a lot of new holiday words.  We’ve had a lot of fun adventures too.

Helping Nana, Papa, and Kristin pick out Christmas trees.

Kristin teaching Mason the 12 Days of Christmas dance.

The Blizzard of '09!

Seeing the lights at the Mormon Temple on Christmas Eve.

Keeping old traditions.

And starting new traditions.

But the best part of all was waking up Christmas morning with two very excited children.  It was like I was a kid all over again!  I woke up at 4:30am Christmas morning and couldn’t get back to sleep.  I just lay there listening for when Mason and Cooper woke up and ran out of their room.  Meema got the best deal – the kids ran right into her room.  (At least I hope Meema thought it was the best deal considering I’m sure they woke her up!)

Mason was excited to see that Santa had indeed heard about her wish for a Gabriella doll and a cake maker.  While Cooper was not as clued into it all, he did enjoy his Lightning McQueen sleeping bag.  And they both enjoyed the new luggage Santa gave them for our upcoming Disney trip.  Cooper was not quite as into opening gifts as Mason, though.  I think he would have been happy with the first gift he opened or the spatula I got in my stocking.  But Mason was more than happy to help him unwrap! 

The very best part of the morning, though, was when Mason opened up a Princess DVD we had gotten her.  She was over the moon about it, jumped right up and came to give me a huge hug.  That was the best present I could have gotten. 

All in all, I am very grateful for the time we had with family (although we missed Jen and Scott), and the generosity of everyone.  With all the Christmas decorations put away, I still have very vivid memories in my head.  I will hold them with me until next Christmas when we get to experience it all over again!