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Our Snow Days December 21, 2009

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Without a true measurement, we estimate that we got about 20 inches of snow over the weekend!  More snow than the kids have ever seen and more snow that I’ve seen in years.  You can only imagine the fun that ensued.  Here are some pictures of our “snowed in” weekend.

Getting ready to hit the snow!

Mason was super excited to be in the snow.

Without snow boots, Cooper's time in the snow was not as fun. But he did his best.

Enjoying the view - them and me!

Skyping with Jen and Scott.

Christmas cookie time!

They couldn't wait for the cookies to be done.

Back out in the snow...

It was much deeper this time. Cooper couldn't even walk in it.

All around good memories.

School is closed today, so we’re in for another day.  It will be interesting to see if it’s just an early Christmas break for us all.  I think we can definitely say it will be a White Christmas, though!