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It’s The Small Things December 3, 2009

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Another amazing moment brought to me by Mason.

Last weekend, we ventured out to National Harbor for a little adventure.  There were some great holiday events going on there, and since we had never been, we thought it would be a fun journey.

Since the new National Children’s Museum will be built there, they have a storefront called Launch Zone to explore ideas for the new museum.  We ducked in there after lunch at delicious Elevation Burger (I’m all about the links today, aren’t I?).  One of the activities that day was to create crafts (snowflakes, journals, paper chains) that could be taken to children at The Children’s Inn at NIH.  Mason chose to make a snowflake.  We told her it would be for sick children who would not be home for Christmas, but we didn’t go into much depth about it.  She finished her craft, played with Cooper a bit at the blocks station, and then we moved on to continue exploring the Harbor.

Yesterday (4 days later, mind you), I had given her some paper and markers to draw with to keep her busy.  After she finished, she told me that the picture was for the sick kids who can’t go home for Christmas.  She was very insistent that I make sure it gets to them.

Her benevolent spirit has motivated me.  I want to instill this “giving” spirit in her and Cooper.  I guess this is the best place to start.  She has a huge heart, and I have a feeling she seriously understands that giving to those less fortunate is super important.  So I’m going to take this moment and run with it (after I swoon over how amazing she is!)