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Taking a Risk November 19, 2009

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We’ve done it.  We’ve taken the risk we’ve been evaluating for months.  Asking ourselves…  Will it work?  Is it weird?  Is it necessary?  Will it backfire?

Mason and Cooper sleep side by side in matching antique sleigh beds.

I’m happy to report that so far things are going well with Mason and Cooper sharing a bedroom.  It implied a few other changes at the same time.  Cooper got a true big boy bed.  The two kids go to bed at the same time now as well.  Before we would put Cooper to bed first and let Mason stay up a bit later.  Now they both are in bed by 8pm each night.  (Sadly, they are still up at 6am!)  They brush teeth together, get PJ’s on together, and we all read books together.  And honestly, they love every minute of it!  So far….  We know there will be moments.  We know one of them will keep the other up at times.  But Mason has taken on the big sister role very well at bedtime – urging Cooper to stay in bed or go to sleep or be quiet…

Cooper is eager to get into his new bed every night.

We also had to move all the toys into the new playroom.  As enticing as jumping on the two beds is, we encourage them to play in the playroom.  It contains the mess for the most part, and allows us to all be in there together if we want.

Plenty of space for playing.

The other incentive of this was to offer a true “guest bedroom” to our guests.  The playroom will serve that purpose since our air mattress will fit nicely in the middle.  Now our guests are not stuck out in the living room for all to see.  They have their own space to sleep and can even close the door.  Can’t wait to try it out!

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