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Another Mason Story / Snacktime Conversation November 16, 2009

Filed under: Daily Blog — Robin @ findgoodineveryday @ 11:20 am

Scene: Sitting at the table, eating an apple with Mason and Cooper.

Mason:  Mommy, I want to go out to dinner with you tonight.

Me:  Sorry, sweetie, but this is a grown-up dinner.

Jeremy interjects right as Mason starts pouting:  Mason, but we’re going to have tons of fun while she’s gone!

A smile starts to emerge on Mason’s face.

Jeremy continues:  I thought we could watch the Tinkerbell movie AND eat dinner in the living room.  And then, maybe we could make popcorn.

Mason’s eyes almost pop out of her head; she is so excited.  She puts her apple down to pump her fists and say, “Yes!”

Mason:  Daddy, I have an idea.  How about movie popcorn ‘slash’ party?!


Did my daughter just use ‘slash’ in a sentence?  Where did that come from?  And how did she learn to use it properly?  I was impressed.  (And jealous of the movie popcorn/party filled evening)


One Response to “Another Mason Story / Snacktime Conversation”

  1. Meema Says:

    I just hope your evening out for dinner was good, and fun, and fulfilling in a way that helps you value all the good things in your life, including friends who want to be part of your birthday celebrations.

    Yes, Mason is rather advanced in her verbal acuity. Still, it’s hard to believe she picked up on that usage of a conversational punctuation mark. They never cease to amaze, amuze, and “amore” me. Love, meema

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