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Another Mason Story / Snacktime Conversation November 16, 2009

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Scene: Sitting at the table, eating an apple with Mason and Cooper.

Mason:  Mommy, I want to go out to dinner with you tonight.

Me:  Sorry, sweetie, but this is a grown-up dinner.

Jeremy interjects right as Mason starts pouting:  Mason, but we’re going to have tons of fun while she’s gone!

A smile starts to emerge on Mason’s face.

Jeremy continues:  I thought we could watch the Tinkerbell movie AND eat dinner in the living room.  And then, maybe we could make popcorn.

Mason’s eyes almost pop out of her head; she is so excited.  She puts her apple down to pump her fists and say, “Yes!”

Mason:  Daddy, I have an idea.  How about movie popcorn ‘slash’ party?!


Did my daughter just use ‘slash’ in a sentence?  Where did that come from?  And how did she learn to use it properly?  I was impressed.  (And jealous of the movie popcorn/party filled evening)