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Week of Halloween November 5, 2009

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It’s great that there are so many activities planned for the time around Halloween.  It really makes you feel better about the time, energy, and/or money you put into your kids’ costumes.  Luckily for us, this year was a “reuse” Halloween.  Mason wanted to be Snow White again (with a twist), and a friend offered us a lion costume that was the perfect fit for Cooper.  Yay!

We started off the Halloween festivities with Boo at the Zoo.  We had tickets for Saturday night – the only sold out night of the weekend.  And, as luck would have it, the only rainy night of the weekend.  Driving down to DC in pouring rain, we just kept telling ourselves that we’ll have fun no matter what.  We had come prepared!


After sitting in the car for 10 minutes, the rain slowed down to a drizzle. Time to get in line.

 Luckily as we found our friends, the rain stopped.  We all got in line and headed through the gates.  We got extremely lucky because the rain had scared off a lot of people, so it was fairly tame and quiet for the first bit.  It was warm enough that we didn’t have to worry about jackets over costumes, and umbrellas were replaced with treat bags.


We let Cooper out of his "cage" (aka - stroller) and let him get a good look at the real lions.

More treats came later in the week when Mason had her Halloween party at school.  Because it was Community Helpers week, she decided to go as a doctor (another reused costume!).


Under her sweater is a "Stanford" shirt. She was channeling Gabriella from HSM.

Spider cupcakes for Mason's class party.  I was told no one liked the licorice legs.  At least they looked cute.

Spider cupcakes for Mason's class party. I was told no one liked the licorice legs. At least they looked cute.

Finally, it was the real Halloween.  Mason went to dance class as a doctor (much easier to dance in), and then dressed up as Snow White for our trek into Silver Spring and then around the neighborhood.  We were a bit nervous about the neighborhood trek because our street is not known for lots of trick-or-treaters.  We have not partook in the festivities in our neighborhood over the past few years, so we decided to keep it local on Linden this year.  Despite the rain, the kids were troopers and really got into it.


Meema joined us for the festivities as well.

That is until some dogs came running out of one house and scared Cooper right out of his lion costume!  The neighbor felt so bad, he was pushing candy down our throats.  We lost momentum after that and headed home.  The kids counted up their loot and got a treat for their hard work as Snow White and the lion.  We all had to be up early anyway for our ride to the airport so that Jeremy and I could get our vacation started!  More on that to come.


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