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Jealousy October 30, 2009

Filed under: Daily Blog — Robin @ findgoodineveryday @ 7:16 pm

I admit it.  I’m jealous.  I’m jealous of my daughter’s hair.  Sad, right?


Just look at how the sun highlights her beautiful blond locks.  Look at how it just falls into place perfectly.  It just sweeps to the side as if there was no effort.  Yeah, I’m completely jealous.  I’m so glad she did not inherit my thick hair.  It seems Cooper might have gotten that gene, which isn’t bad for a boy, I would think.  But Mason lucked out for a girl. 


I wish I could go into the hair salon tomorrow with a picture of Mason, and say “Make my hair do that.”  Instead, I will be combing through websites tonight trying to find the perfect picture of a woman with thick hair and a cool haircut.  Not sure if it exists, but I will do my best to find it.  I’m ready for a big change.  I said that last time too, but the change was subtle.  Not this time!  No matter if I get a great haircut; no matter if I actually love it…  I will still be jealous of my daughter’s hair.


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