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Soap AND Water September 22, 2009

Filed under: Daily Blog — Robin @ findgoodineveryday @ 9:50 am

There are some nights when Mason needs you next to her the whole time she is getting ready for bed.  Needs help with pajamas, wants you sitting in the bathroom while she pees, needs help brushing teeth, etc…  Since it is usually the end of a very long day, I do not always give in to her wishes.  I’ll reluctantly sit in the bathroom while she pees, but then get her toothbrush out for her and leave while she brushes.  (No, I am not Super Mom, and I admit it.)

Lately it has been more common that she will do things on her own.  Last night was one of those nights.  I was washing dishes, so it was Jeremy’s turn to get her ready for bed.  When I saw him cleaning up toys, I asked where Mason was.  Lo and behold, she was doing everything (and I mean everything) by herself.  I was in shock.  I peeked in the bathroom, and there she was in her nightgown flushing the potty.  She then actually washed her hands instead of asking for sanitizing spray!  That’s when I just about fell out of my chair (although I wasn’t in a chair, but you get my point!)  Voluntarily washing hands with soap AND water is above and beyond.  What will be next?  Voluntarily taking a shower?  Voluntarily brushing teeth both morning and night?  I won’t hold my breath.


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