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Potatoes and Trains… Wait, what? September 17, 2009

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Apple picking is one of my favorite fall activities.  It gets you out in nature.  You get to weed through hoards of trees of find the perfect apples.  And then you get to take them home to use in an apple pie, or even better, apple crisp!  Seriously…  what could be better than hot apple crisp on a cool fall day?  (Even brownies and mint ice cream can’t top that in the fall.)

We’ve been trying to make it a tradition with our friends, the Cramers, to go apple picking every fall.  This year, we were way ahead of the game.  While we are usually late in the apple picking season before we find time to do it, this year, we were almost too early.  We picked Great Country Farms as our venue this year.  The Cramers had been there before for pumpkin picking and said it had a lot of other activities to keep the kids entertained.  Sadly, when we arrived, we learned there were no apples to pick.  Well, technically we could pick apples out of a crate in the country store…  but not apples on trees.  Sad.  BUT there were potatoes.  An interesting twist for a fall day, but we bit and took the wagons out to the potato field.

Rows and rows of tilled up potatoes

Rows and rows of tilled up potatoes

 Thankfully, we only had one bag to fill.  Just in that one bag, the two families picked 11 pounds of potatoes.  We took the majority of them because the Cramers had just bought potatoes at the store the day before (thinking we were apple picking, not potato digging!)  A week later, we’re only halfway through our potatoes.  We’ve done baked french fries and beef stew with the potatoes.  We really want to try homemade potato chips, so the fryer might have to make an appearance this weekend. 

But potatoes were far from the popular attraction at Great Country Farms.  There were farm animals, playgrounds, mini golf, slides, and best of all….

The Jumping Pillow!  (Sadly, you had to be under 12 to jump.)

The Jumping Pillow! (Sadly, you had to be under 12 to jump.)


Serious fun on the jumping pillow.

Serious fun on the jumping pillow.

As if potatoes and jumping pillows weren’t enough, the next day we went to the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore as part of our day to celebrate Nana’s birthday.  Cooper is really starting to learn more words, and one of his favorites is “choo choo” so this was a perfect choice for him.  We saw some trains, listened to Milkshake, and witnessed Cooper eating his first corn dog. 
I think he was a fan.

I think he was a fan.

At the end of the weekend, we were full of potatoes, trains, corn dogs, and birthday cake.  I think that’s a good mix (except when on the jumping pillow)!

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