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Hand-picked September 12, 2009

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I’m guilty of pushing many things on my kids.  As you’ve read in the past, I enjoy musicals and have pushed some of my favorites on Mason (HSM3 and Newsies).  I often try to get Mason to wear the outfit I want her to wear rather than her picking a dress for the 8th day in a row.  And I convince them that some toys are cooler than others just because I don’t want to deal with the aftermath of a loud toy or one with lots of small pieces.

This was the case last weekend.  On our way home from Charlottesville, we stopped at Target in Gainesville.  We do this almost every trip home from C’ville just to break up the drive a bit.  This time, we offered to get the kids a toy each for the rest of the drive.  (Yes, it was not a holiday, and they were going to get a new toy.)  The first aisle we went down had Star Wars stuff.  Mason was excited until she realized it was all Clone Wars, and she didn’t see anyone she really recognized.  Next came some Thomas trains.  We tried to get Cooper excited about the small ones, but he only was interested in the huge track set with the train depot or something.  Jeremy found a Buzz Lightyear that Mason got into, and into the shopping cart it went.  But I was looking for the Barbie aisle.  I’d been saying I would get her one for her birthday, but I thought this might be a good time as well since she’d been great all weekend.  Of course, in the Barbie aisle are also all the Disney princess dolls and HSM dolls.  Tough decisions for little Miss Mason.  In the end she decided on an HSM microphone that plays 2 songs from HSM3 that you can sing along too.  You can also just use it as a microphone (with a speaker) without the songs.  I must admit that it is pretty cool.  (Ok, I thought it was cool until she played one of the songs about 10 times in a row!)

It was a lot harder for Cooper.  What small toy can you get a boy to keep him occupied in the car?  He was not into figurines.  We really didn’t want another noise making toy since the microphone was going to fit that bill pretty well.  As we were contemplating HSM merchandise, Cooper found what he wanted all on his own.  Despite our attempts to get his attention diverted to something (anything) else, his hand-picked toy came  home with us.  The next day he did not let this toy out of is sight!

Taking a nap with his football.

Napping with his football.


Snacking with his football.

Snacking with his football.


Sliding with his football.

Sliding with his football.


Swinging with his football.

Swinging with his football.


And bathing with his football.

And bathing with his football.


2 Responses to “Hand-picked”

  1. Angela Says:

    I LOVE IT!

  2. Meema Says:

    I knew it! Cooper is a boy’s boy…that’s all there is to it. Give him a ball and he’s totally happy. Kick it…spend several minutes getting into the proper stance to throw it…he just loves anything to do with a ball…any shape. Mason…well she’s tough to peg just yet, an enigma. I’m not sure she’s going to get into the girly girl stuff with Barbies, despite how “liberated” the new Barbies appear in their attractive packaging. Seems more like the dramatic arts are calling her. We shall see….and what fun it will be. Love, meema

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