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Crisis Averted! August 24, 2009

Filed under: Daily Blog — Robin @ findgoodineveryday @ 4:08 pm

I have a renewed faith in OxiClean today.  Thank you, OxiClean!  Another stain crisis averted!

To make a long story short…  Scratch that…  You would not be able to understand how much I needed this one good thing today without the longer version.

Mason is holding onto her “three-ness” as long as she can.  With her birthday only seven and half weeks away, she is getting in every last bit of attitude she has in that three-year-old body of hers.  (Yes, I know October 14th will not be the magical day she becomes a little angel, but a mother can dream, right?)  With this attitude comes a lot of demands, a lot of back talk, a lot of tantrums, and a lot of crying.  You would think she would learn that it’s no fun to showcase this attitude considering all the time-outs, favorite things being taken away, etc.  But yet she pushes on.

This morning was no different.  Due to a minuscule hangnail on her big toe, she did not want to take a shower.  Screaming and crying ensued, and finally a clean, but still crying, girl came out of the bathroom.  The struggle had cut into a lot of our morning routine, and we were running behind schedule.  So when Mason came asking for a pen to draw with, I told her that we did not have time and that maybe we would have had more time if her shower had not taken so long.

I went on with my routine not thinking any more about it.  But while drying my hair, Mason nonchalantly walked into the bathroom and said, “Mommy, come see what Cooper did.”  Sitting on her bed, Cooper was holding an orange marker (and no, it was not a Crayola Washables marker) and had “doodled” all over her bedspread with it.  I quickly pulled him off the bed, saying “No, No.”  Cooper started crying.  When I asked Mason how he got the marker, she started crying, “I didn’t give it to him, Mommy!”  I tried to stay as calm as I could and quickly tore the duvet off the bed and rushed it downstairs to get its OxiClean treatment.  I got it in the wash and just had to hold my breath until my lunch break when I could run home and see if the marker had come out.

Lo and behold…  OxiClean works wonders again!  Thankfully her bedspread is saved… for now.  And at least I know that Cooper’s shorts (which I discovered, as we walked into school, also had orange marker all over them) have a chance of recovery as well.


One Response to “Crisis Averted!”

  1. Meema Says:

    Okay, so the orange came out and that is good. But what if it hadn’t? So Mason would have had to live with orange marker all over her pretty pink coverlet…a reminder of whatever she was thinking of when she obviously gave Cooper the marker. Lesson learned? I guess, as I have time to reconsider the “battles” I chose with you and Jen, I wonder more about the natural consequences. Maybe it just takes the time to think about all the “lessons” that meemas may have “taught” their daughters, inadvertently, and now realize maybe they wish they had done things differently. A confession? Yes. With love, more than you can imagine! Meema

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