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Giraffes, Camels, and Polar Bears… Oh My! July 19, 2009

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I LOVE the Maryland Zoo.  I feel bad – almost like we were cheating on the National Zoo today – but the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore is just so different (and dare I say better?)

Granted, it was a beautiful day so that makes anything better.  But we all had such a memorable time.  This was my second trip to that zoo.  First great impression was that as FONZ members we got in free, which definitely helps spirits these days. 

After our tram ride to the far side of the zoo, we went straight to the giraffes.  Since they are no longer at the National Zoo, this is quite a treat. 

What amazing animals!

What amazing animals!

There is the option to feed them, but Mason was a bit too scared.  I hope she gets over it soon because I think it would be awesome to get even closer to them. 

After giraffes, we went to see the elephants.  Baby Samson is getting bigger, but not as big as I expected.  Camel rides are available by the elephants, but again, Mason is too scared right now.  Another thing I hope she grows out of.  I don’t see any trips to Egypt in our future, so this would be a pretty cool experience right in our own backyard!

"Mon-nee"  Cooper loved the chimps.

"Mon-nee" Cooper loved the chimps.

As we walked through the rest of the zoo (about 7,000 steps according to Papa’s pedometer), we enjoyed seeing so many animals and creatures up close.  It is a very different experience than the National Zoo.  While it is not as nice and clean as the National Zoo, it is much more shady and up-close.  We didn’t have to strain our eyes to see animals way up in the hills or fight crowds to see through small glass windows.  (I’m sure many people could say that this is because the habitats for the animals are not as natural as they should be, but I’m going to just stick with the visitor experience right now.)

The Children’s Zoo was also a big hit.  A Marsh, Meadow, Farm…  Nests big enough to sit in!

My cute baby birds!

My cute baby birds!

After a couple of hours and a carousel ride, we had seen almost all of it and enjoyed a pretty decent lunch of pizza and chicken tenders.  (Oh, and of course, ice cream)  The kids were definitely tuckered out, and so was I!  We can’t wait for another trip up to the Maryland Zoo.


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