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She Rocks My World July 13, 2009

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I’m on a “Mason high” this morning.  I’m proud, I’m dumbfounded, I’m excited, I’m in love.

I feel like Mason “grew up” over the weekend.  She has been awing Jeremy and I with her attitude, her conversation, and her poise.  I’m not going to say we’re out of the “Terrible Three’s” just yet (I wouldn’t want to jinx anything), but this weekend was a nice glimpse into our future (minus her little brother who cannot seem to catch a break in his mind, which results in horrible tantrums).

Some examples:

At a birthday party with a combination of 4-year-olds and 6-year-olds, Mason only needed about 10 minutes to warm up to her environment and venture out on her own.  This is a big deal for her as she is usually hanging onto our legs for a good half hour before letting us coax her into the crowd by saying we’ll be right by her side.

Mason transitioned into an official booster seat in the car this weekend as well.  She looks so grown up using the real seatbelt and was a major help to Cooper since she has more range of motion now.  She loves her new seat and is so proud of herself.

Then this morning…  Picture this.  After being told she cannot wear her Crocs or Ariel sandals for the day, she agrees to wear her pink sneakers.  Then she’s told that sneakers don’t really go with her dresses, so she’ll have to wear shorts.  (I honestly thought I was going to get a meltdown since she wears dresses and sandals daily, but she just replied, “Ok, Mommy.”)  She gets dressed in the cutest white shorts, pink shirt, and pink sneakers.  Adorable.  But I had to layer more on there by asking if I could put her hair up.  (Again, expecting a no, I got a “Sure.”  Is this really my daughter?)  I do up her hair in pigtails, and she is super excited.  She grabs her new lunchbox, puts it over her shoulder like a purse and is ready to go.  Oops, we need to make her bed (can’t forget that now, can we?).  “I’ll just put my bag right here so I don’t forget it, Mommy.”  Then out to the car where she gets into her new booster seat.  As we walk up to school, I just am in awe.  My daughter – happy in shorts, sneakers, and pigtails; excited about school; with her lunchbox over her shoulder.  I will never forget that image.  And I had the biggest smile on my face because I could not have been more proud of her at that moment.

Mason pigtails

I love this girl so much.  I know I say that a lot, but it’s true.  She inspires me everyday.  She puts a smile on my face everyday.  And she evokes my pride in her everyday.  Basically, she rocks my world.