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Yes, He Really Did It June 19, 2009

Filed under: Daily Blog — Robin @ findgoodineveryday @ 12:36 pm

I’m in shock.  Happy, laughing shock.  I just got back from taking Mason and Cooper to school after a fun morning with Meema.  Being a hot day, I had Mason’s window down all the way.  She asked me to put Cooper’s window down all the way too, but I said no because he would throw his ball out the window if I did.  A little further down the road, I saw a shadow cross my rearview mirror.  I asked Mason what it was.  “Cooper’s ball.  It went outside.”  I just started laughing and asking if she was kidding with me.  She laughed saying, “No. I’m not kidding you.”  We went back and forth on this, and despite her incessant assurances to me that he had, indeed, thrown his ball out the window, I still couldn’t believe it.  Cooper was whining a bit, and Mason told him, “All gone, Cooper.”  I still expected to see the ball when I pulled them out of the car.  I was just laughing out loud wondering if he really could have thrown the ball across the car and through Mason’s open window.  Really, what are the odds?

On my way back from school, a bright pink object caught my eye on the other side of the road.  Cooper’s ball.  Yes, he really did it.


One Response to “Yes, He Really Did It”

  1. Meema Says:

    I tell you…this guy is really into throwing. Have you noticed him practicing his “stance?” ….One foot back, arched back, arms poised? He’s just really into ball stuff! Pure boy! Pure Joy! Is he a “natural?” We’ll see. Love, meema

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