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Surviving Camping With 2 Young Kids June 18, 2009

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After a weekend of camping at Cunningham Falls State Park, I thought I would share the wisdom we learned from our first family camping trip.

1. Don’t freak out when you see a snake on the path to the bathroom.  It may, in turn, freak out the kids.

2.  Know the lyrics of fun camp songs to entertain the kids while cooking dinner by campfire.  An oldie, but goodie might be:

Have you ever gone fishing on a bright and sunny day,

With all the little fishys swimming up and down the bay,

With their hands in their pockets,

And their pockets in their pants,

All the little fishys do the hoochy-cuchy dance.

The "waiting for s'mores" train

The "waiting for s'mores" train

3.  Bring rain gear.  It’s Murphy’s Law that if you have the rain gear, it will not rain; if you don’t, it will definitely rain!

4.  S’mores are delicious on homemade chocolate cookies.

Why didn't I think of that?

Why didn't I think of that?

5.  Bring a broom AND a dustpan.  Helpful when cleaning out the tent before packing it up.  This is a lesson my mom told me when we were already camping.  Wish I had known sooner.

6.  Two yoga mats do not equal a sleeping pad.

7.  “When the sun wakes up” is early!  (Mason has been taught to not come to our room until the sun wakes up.  This plan backfires when sleeping outside.)

8. 18-month-old boys like to throw rocks and sticks.  Rocks and sticks are aplenty when camping.  Henceforth, 18-month-old boys like camping.  (Ok, we don’t know for sure if Cooper liked it since he can’t talk in full sentences yet, but he definitely enjoyed throwing rocks and sticks.)

Getting dirty.

Getting dirty.

9.  Frozen  Eggo waffles cook up nicely on a campfire.

And finally…

10.  “Boom Boom Pow” easily gets stuck in your head for a long time!  (And kids pick up on the lyrics quickly!)

Despite and because of the lessons that we learned, we had a great time camping.  In fact, we can’t wait to do it again.  Whether it is backyard camping or more adventurous camping, it just might become a Lake tradition.

Our "home" away from home.

Our "home" away from home.


One Response to “Surviving Camping With 2 Young Kids”

  1. Meema Says:

    How did I miss this? Perfect capture of a weekend camping.
    I’m so glad you have had a positive “early experience” of camping. Those were the days! But then how could one resist camping in the great outdoors of COLORADO? Still can’t believe you don’t remember the broom thing…that was an essential in our camping gear… probably because I was anal about dirt and stuff…or at least tried to keep the grit and grime at bay.
    So…when and where are we headed in October…I think a family camping adventure is the way to go. Love, meema

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