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Smiling June 18, 2009

Filed under: Daily Blog — Robin @ findgoodineveryday @ 2:18 pm

I have found myself smiling a lot today.  I’ve been questioned, “Why are you so happy today?”  I have been singing and dancing along to my iPod even while at work.  Hmm….  Honestly, I’m not really sure why.  Nothing extraordinarily good has happened. But then again, nothing bad has either.

It could be the fact that it is Thursday, which means tomorrow is Friday, which  means the weekend is almost here.

It could be that I’m excited about my Father’s Day plans for Jeremy.

It could be that I get to see all of my mom’s side of the family together on Sunday.

It could be that I got up to work out this morning despite being in such a deep sleep that I didn’t even hear my alarm.  (Jeremy had to nudge me to turn it off.)

It could be that my mom is coming to spend the night tonight.  (Jeremy is heading to New Haven yet again, and I know that is not the reason I’m happy!)

It could be a combination of all of the above.  All I know is that I’m in a good mood, and I think that’s pretty darn cool.


One Response to “Smiling”

  1. Angela Says:

    Unexplained good moods are the best. Enjoy it!

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