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No! Not The Curls! June 15, 2009

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My boy has become a man.  Ok, ok, not really a “man” per se, but he’s growing up.  Yesterday he went in for his first official haircut.  Daddy cut his hair around Christmas of last year, but he barely had any hair then.

The cheap version.

The cheap version.

It was finally time.  The hair in the back was starting to look mullet-like, and it was covering his ears more than it should.  The sad part is that we knew it would be the end of his curls for now.  Those curls!  Not quite as defined as Mason’s yet, but they were on their way.  If we truly let it go, he could have had some great curls!  But it was time.  He needed to experience his very first haircut.

Off to Cartoon Cuts we went.  Jeremy took Mason to the toy store while Cooper and I waited our turn.  (Another 2nd Child Syndrome effect – it’s not a huge family affair for the first haircut.)  Cooper sat quietly in my lap the whole time.  He did not get upset while she sprayed down his hair.  He did not turn his head much.  It definitely helped that there was a makeover party full of pre-teen girls right next to us that kept his attention.  Since Jeremy wasn’t there to take a picture of the event, I asked the stylist to take a picture of Cooper and I.  She told me to just put him in the chair by himself so I could take the picture.  Well, that’s when the tears came.  So sadly you can’t see the brave boy he was the entire time.  You just get the tears.  But you can see what a handsome little boy he is with his pristine haircut.  I think I’ll need to start dressing him in J.Crew to match his haircut!

Before - With Curls

Before - With Curls

After - No Curls, Just Tears

After - No Curls, Just Tears


2 Responses to “No! Not The Curls!”

  1. Meema Says:

    Oh no…you mean those precious little blond curls are no longer?
    And Cooper now looks like a little boy…not a favored prince?
    No matter, his warm, engaging, flirtatious smile will still win hearts wherever he goes. It’s just going to be a surprise to see him as a boy… really he looks like a miniature Jeremy…which, hey, is damn good looking! love meema

  2. Angela Says:

    Such a handsome man he is, too. And the tear picture is just plain cute!

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