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Zoom, Zooma – Time Flies June 9, 2009

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As I sat early Sunday morning looking out at this lake (but sitting much closer),

Wind Lake, WI

Wind Lake, WI

I started thinking about how I had not written a blog in over a week.  A guilt spread over me.  Did that mean that I had not found anything good enough to write about in those 9 days?  That would be pretty sad.  My days are filled with good, but I can often overlook it when stress takes over.  Last week was full of a lot of stress.  So looking out at the lake that morning, I started to sift through the week to remember all the good that I have to be thankful for.

First of all, how could I forget about my first 10k?!  My mom, sister, and I had gone up to Annapolis for the Zooma race.  Despite the pouring rain and thunder while we waited to start the race, it finally started clearing up by mile 3.  Somehow the rain encouraged us because we all finished way ahead of our goals.  I am so proud of the three of us and look forward to doing more races together.

Well done, ladies!

Well done, ladies!

We had driven up the day before to get a carb-filled dinner and a good nights’ sleep at a local hotel.  It was beautiful when we arrived on Saturday, so we walked downtown to the water and then went out to a delicious dinner to celebrate my sister’s birthday.  All in all – a great girls weekend!

Jeremy, the kids, and I got to finish off the weekend by seeing our friend, Andy, down in DC.  Played some bocce at Meridian Park, then took him to the airport knowing we only had another 5 days until we saw him again on his turf.

Andy will always be part of our family!

Andy will always be part of our family!

The work week went by quickly as we prepared for our long weekend ahead.  Jeremy and I celebrated our 6th anniversary (more on that in another post) and the kids made sure we wouldn’t have a hard time leaving them for the weekend by acting out and saying “no” at every turn.  (“No” is Cooper’s favorite word right now, and Mason seems to be enjoying whiny defiance as well.)

Finally, off to Milwaukee!!!  I know you might be asking, “Why in the world would you go to Milwaukee?”  2 reasons:

1. Andy

2. Beer

So stay tuned for another post about all things Milwaukee…


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