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Boys Will Be Boys May 15, 2009

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It’s been hard getting used to having a boy.  Raising a boy is amazingly different than raising a girl.  I’m loving what I learn everyday, though!

Boys are messy.  And boys like to eat!

Boys are messy. And boys like to eat!

We’ve had issues with Mason’s pickiness over the years, but Cooper has so far shown that he is not as picky as her.  He will eat almost anything.  He loves to double fist too!  Whether it be pizza or quesadillas or pancakes, the boy loves to stuff his face.  Why we have not used a bib yet is beyond me.

Don't you just want to squeeze all that chub?

Don't you just want to squeeze all that chub?

Boys are loud.  Boys are rough.  But boy oh boy, do they love their mommies!  I just can’t get enough of him.  (Ok, that’s a lie.  When he’s whining and screaming and throwing tantrums over doing things his way…  then I have had enough of him.)  I mean, just look at this kid.  He breaks my heart.  And I have a feeling he’ll be breaking girls’ hearts for some time.

You've got to love him!

You've got to love him!


2 Responses to “Boys Will Be Boys”

  1. Angela Says:

    Definitely will be. The bond is something else, isn’t it? There have definitely been times that I have thought about a trade in, but then something sweet happens and the “I love you, mommy, very much” saves him from imminent release from the family. Enjoy it! Oh, and the messes get worse…

    • meema Says:

      You never cease to amaze me. These last few “blogs” (still can’t get use to that name) blew me away. I’m sitting here with tears running down my cheeks…You’re right…there were some pretty tough times, but you know what? I can’t even remember what they were all about (except for one–the late night Portland-Mt. Hood rendevous). You, too, will forget all the little details and just remember the so many wondeful, joyful times…and it is good that you are capturing them the images as well as the special feelings and insights in words. I love you–you bring me more joy each and every day! meema

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