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In A Bike Trailer Built For Two April 21, 2009

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We did it!  We finally got the bike trailer we’ve been talking about for over a year. 

And even more exciting is that we actually used it! 

Jeremy took on the brunt of the work.

Jeremy took on the brunt of the work.

     Our first ride was to pick up the kids at daycare and take them home.  This was a good first distance for us.  Not too far, and with the promise of dinner at the other end.  For me, it was very nerve-wracking.  I had not ridden a bike in years.  Let’s say 5 years to be exact.  And 5 years ago, it was just once to break in the new bike I had just purchased (with the help of my “cool” telecom company that wanted to support young people and our healthy living….  before everyone got laid off….)   A little wobbly at the beginning, but like they say, “It’s like riding a bike.”  So I got the hang of it pretty quickly. 
     For Mason, it was like a princess carriage – perhaps one that had a double life as a pumpkin.  For Cooper, it was just a fun ride.  They giggled most of the time as Jeremy winced in pain most of the time.  The parachute effect of the trailer wasn’t much help to be fair.  He’ll get the hang of it quickly, I’m sure.   It was definitely a lot of fun, and I can see us really enjoying fun summer rides around DC.
Sad that the ride is over.

Sad that the ride is over.


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