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The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow April 19, 2009

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“Betch your bottom dollar that tomorrow….  There’ll be sun!”

Yes, I’ve been watching Annie.  You guessed it.  It’s such a good movie.  I think I’ll have to go onto iTunes and get the soundtrack.  One, so that I can sing along when I need a pick me up, and two, so that we can have more variety in our “kids music.”  Honestly, I feel bad for Cooper sometimes.  The poor kid never gets to choose what music we listen to.  It’s either Mommy and Daddy music or Mason’s music.  With Mason, we were pretty age appropriate with music as she grew up, but Cooper is jumping right into big kid music without so much of a listen to Baby Einstein, The Wheels on the Bus, or barely a Patty Cake or Itsy Bitsy Spider here and there.  We have to schedule more Cooper Music time!   Anyway, I digress…

So yes, the sun came out yesterday, and it was awesome!  And I hope it comes back out tomorrow (hence the title).  I haven’t checked the weather report, but I would not be surprised if it was a rainy forecast.  While it makes for a longer more dreary work week, I would much rather have sunny weekends than sunny days while I’m stuck at work.

We took great advantage of the sun with soccer practice, birthday parties, trike riding, and some good old fashioned time at the park with old friends.  Can’t beat that!

Mason and Chase "hanging" out.

Mason and Chase "hanging" out.

On the subject of parks, we’re still waiting for our new park down the street.  We have the old wooden playground equipment that is falling apart and giving everyone splinters.  New equipment has been purchased, and we were told it would be up and running by early April, but nothing yet.  I’m tempted to join our community listserv just to ask where it is.  Granted Jeremy is a member of the listserv, but he won’t chime in about it.  I think he thinks that if you so much as make a peep, you are automatically “volunteered” into running some sub-committee or something.  Pretty funny how community groups, school PTA’s, etc. are all the same as student government back in high school.  You want some things changed, so you get involved, only to find out that all the “newbies” are basically forced into running the things no one else wants, so that the people who have been there longer can run the fun stuff or use it as an excuse to get out.  Because in the end, we all want out eventually.  Ok, seriously?  I’ve digressed again.

Back to sunshine and summer dresses!

Yay for summer dresses!  Boo for wearing dresses and sandals while climbing rocks! (= big tear in said dress)

Yay for summer dresses! Boo for wearing dresses and sandals while climbing rocks! (= big tear in said dress)


One Response to “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow”

  1. meema Says:

    After dealing with Bobby’s “stuff” today, plus the rain, I was really looking for a wonderful pick-me-up before I went to bed. And lo and behold…here you are! The perfect antidote to an otherwise depressing day! Thank you my dear daughter for your wonderful sense of finding the good, the funny, the care, the love, the unique, and the blessings in every day!

    The pics are priceless so please send me more from Easter celebrations. As for Mason’s dress tear, I can always bring the brand new Kenmore sewing machine down, and we can venture a quick repair! Plus more needlework if you wish!
    (Maybe a Thursday eve this summer when Jeremy has to head up to New Haven and I can stay over to watch the kiddos on Friday…)

    Goodnight, sweet dreams, an love you all, Meema

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