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Baskets of Sugar April 12, 2009

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Today marked our 4th Easter in a week.  We did a egg hunt last weekend with friends, which resulted in tons of candy.  Mason had an Easter party at school, which also provided candy.  We had a surprise Easter basket visit yesterday (Thanks, Nana and Papa!), and then today went out to my mom’s for our official Easter celebration (Thanks for the delicious meal, Mom!).  Needless to say, we are overloaded on candy and sugar.   There are few days throughout the year when I get sick of sugary sweets.  Halloween, the day of my cookie swap, and Easter.  But here I sit pondering whether I will go get a peanut butter egg (made at a local chocolate shop with dark chocolate) or another cake pop.  What do you think?  Are you asking, “What’s a cake pop?”  Well, behold…  Cake on a stick!

My first attempt.  I'm sure there will be more!
My first attempt. I’m sure there will be more!
I have to admit that these are not quite what I was hoping for in terms of the decoration.  If you want to see true artistry at work, check out one of my favorite blogs – Bakerella.  I think doing the eggs was a bit ambitious for my first try, but they were still mighty delicious.

Jeremy and I are trying to figure out how to split up the candy loot to take to our offices for sharing, which we know will upset Mason.  The girl is treat-happy right now.  More reason for us to get it out of here.  Honestly the girl gets addicted.  Many times, we have had to rid the house of treats for a couple of weeks to get her past the overload.  She eventually forgets about asking for treats, and we feel we can slowly bring them back in to her life.  Then something like Easter comes up, and all that effort is thrown out the window.  How can you deprive these sweet innocent faces of chocolate?

Mason's Easter basket quickly got too heavy to carry.


Don’t let them suck you into their charm!  The chocolate must go!  (insert devilish laugh)


Despite all the sweet sugary treats, the best part of the day was spending it with family.  The kids had quite the entourage as they searched for eggs.  We missed Aunt Kristin, but otherwise had the whole gang and then some.  It was a clear blue Easter day full of excitement and love.  Now excuse me as I go eat my cake pop and then fall into my sugar coma.

One Response to “Baskets of Sugar”

  1. Kristin Says:

    I missed you all too! I would have much rather been egg hunting and tasting some of those egg pops! Hopefully I won’t be flying off for work the next time they are attempted!

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