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What Have I Done? March 13, 2009

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“See Mommy. My voice is as pretty as Gabriella’s.”  This is what Mason said to me as we sung along to “Do Re Mi” from the Sound of Music.  Maria used to be Mason’s hero.  I guess she still is, along with Mary Poppins.   But there is a new girl in her life that is getting just as much attention.  Gabriella from the High School Musical series.  Yes, I did it.  I let her watch it.  Honestly, I am a fan of the HSM series.  I have bought a few songs from the movies on iTunes, and Mason and I dance and sing to them together.  (Jeremy, the truth is finally out.  I can’t hide it any longer!  I’m sorry if this embarrasses you.)

She’s barely seen them (bits and pieces of HSM1 and 2, and HSM 3 only once), but they resonated with her for some reason.  After 2 years of drinking Danimals yogurt every single morning, she finally clued in to the fact that the High School Musical stars are on the boxes – not the actual yogurt containers, just the boxes.  Now we have to get the Gabriella yogurt.  I was made aware of this fact when I bought strawberry the other day and was told, “Mommy, these have Troy on them.  I want the girl yogurt.”  I said, “Mason, they are all the same.  It’s just on the box.”  But that did not cut it.  She’s been counting down the days of finishing up the “Troy yogurt” so that Mommy can go to the store and buy the “Gabriella yogurt.”

Honestly, I don’t mind her love of HSM.  Kids love what they love, and if it allows me to sing and dance along with her to songs I enjoy, that’s good by me.  What bugs me the most is how affected she already is by advertising.  Disney does an amazing job of advertising, and it is very clear that kids are greatly mesmerized by it.  We try to not get sucked in as well, but it is hard.  Princess soup, Cars crackers, Madagascar stickers, etc.  It’s amazing how much of this stuff is out there.  Yesterday, I decided to buy Noodle-O’s soup rather than Princess soup in hopes that she gets more excited about the amount of noodles in the soup than the shape of the noodles.  We’ll see how that goes.

I’ll also be curious to see how Cooper is affected by it all.  Right now, he has no idea what he’s watching, and he doesn’t seem to clue in to the advertising (at least I don’t think so!).  With a girl, we’re dealing with all the princess stuff and musicals.  What will it be with him?  Will he get into Star Wars to make his Daddy happy?  Will it be dinosaurs?  Or will it be Cars and Buzz Lightyear?  Right now, he loves carrying a princess around more than a car or truck, so….


One Response to “What Have I Done?”

  1. Angela Says:

    It’s Wall-e, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda, Cars, and Thomas the Tank Engine in our house. Not a princess to be seen! Although, one of Colin’s favorite parts of the Madagascar 2 is Alex’s dance sequence with his dad. He recreates it and dances with them every time…he’s pretty good at it and it is so much fun to watch. He swivels those hips with the best of them!!! It all passes…there will be something new next month, I’m sure!! But, I am enjoying every obsession as it’s here!

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