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Friday Nights February 13, 2009

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Friday night – the end of another work week and the beginning of the weekend.  Yay!

Here at the Lake household, we have created a tradition that makes me even more excited about Friday nights.  Movie and Pizza Night!  The movie is always a kids movie (most likely from Netflix since we use that as our testing ground before buying a movie), and it is usually something even Jeremy and I want to see.  (Although when Jeremy travels, I use it as the excuse to watch more girly movies with Mason.  ex: Princess Diaries 2, High School Musical, etc.)  Some of our recent Friday nights have included Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda, Wall-E, Madagascar 2, and some other less enjoyable movies.

While we watch the movie, we break some rules.  The kids get to eat in front of the TV, we eat in the living room, sometimes the kids stay up later than usual, and most likely there is a special treat to go along with the movie and pizza.  Sometimes there is even a little “naked time” for Mason and Cooper, although that is not really a treat because they have naked time almost every night before bed.  Cooper walks around in his diaper patting his big belly, and Mason runs around in her underwear shaking her booty.

"Naked Time" Moment

"Naked Time" Moment

The pizza changes every week.  Sometimes we do homemade pizza, other times we order it from various “pizza stores” as Mason likes to call them.  What does not change is the fact that Cooper never gets to see the end of the movie.  He’s usually so wound up and fussy after dinner that he goes to bed early.  We pause the movie while getting him to bed and cleaning up, then we get to finish the movie snuggled up on the couch with Mason.  I look forward to the days when Cooper can handle staying up later with ALL of us snuggled together.   But for now, it is still a special time for Mason, Jeremy and I. 

I go to bed on a Friday night exhausted from the week, but refreshed after such a fun evening and looking forward to the weekend.  And going to bed knowing that you get to eat chocolate chip pancakes at Woodside Deli the next morning is even better!  There is no better way to start off a weekend for me than pizza and movie night followed by chocolate chip pancakes at Woodside the next morning (followed by the guilt of eating way to much crap!)

Waiting for pancakes at Woodside

Waiting for pancakes at Woodside


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