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Simplicity January 7, 2009

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I love Real Simple magazine. When I actually get the chance to read it, I gain great wisdom and a lot of cool ideas for simplifying my life. I also get the Real Simple Daily Thought email every morning… Many times I can relate the quote directly to my life. Today was one of those times.

This morning could have been better… I had a dissenting daughter who did not want to listen, and a clingy son who did not want to be alone. Made it difficult to get ready for the day, but luckily it is a Nana day, so we had a little extra time. I quickly lost my temper, and that bad temper was reflected in the rest of my family.

So the Real Simple quote for today really hit me hard.

“Whoever is happy will make others happy too.”

– Anne Frank

Pretty good, right?  It’s like a slap in the face today.  It takes things like this quote to snap me back into reality.  I affect those around me.  My mood affects those around me.  If I’m negative, those around me will be negative.  If I’m in a bad mood, others around me might be in a bad mood.  But if I’m happy, those around me just might be happy too.   Seems pretty easy.  This might need to be my new mantra.