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Red Velvet – Interesting Choice January 3, 2009

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My family has often discussed the seasonality of cakes. Lemon is a summer cake. Spice is a fall cake. Chocolate and vanilla are all-season cakes. And red velvet is definitely a winter cake. (This was a big point of contention when Jeremy wanted red velvet for our June wedding 5 years ago.)

Since Cooper’s birthday falls in January, it seemed appropriate to make him red velvet cupcakes for the big day. In the moment of Cooper stuffing his face, I thought that it might not have been the best choice. But now, in looking at the pictures, it was perfect.

The image of a 1-year-old stuffing his face with red cake is priceless. And definitely the best part of my day (in addition to playing beauty parlor with Mason after dinner.)

Started off sans bib...

Started off sans bib...

Quickly realized a bib was absolutely necessary.

Quickly realized a bib was absolutely necessary.


One Response to “Red Velvet – Interesting Choice”

  1. Angela Says:

    I love it! I might have to do the same thing for Christopher’s. Call me a copy cat. I know a good idea when I see one. Hope he had a VERY happy birthday!

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