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3-Letter Words December 1, 2008

Filed under: Daily Blog — Robin @ findgoodineveryday @ 12:15 pm

Somehow in the span of this past weekend, Mason has learned two new 3-letter words.

Mom and Dad.

It’s not Mommy and Daddy anymore.  Just Mom and Dad.  Did she suddenly grow up to be 10 or something?  Where did this come from?  Jeremy thinks it might have spawned from him calling his parents Mom and Dad during Thanksgiving.  It’s as good a guess as any, so we’ll go with that.  It’s just weird.  To hear from the backseat, “Dad, can we listen to Sound of Music?”  Or as she wakes up, “I’m ready for breakfast now, Mom.”  Just too weird!

My parents are Mom and Dad.  That can’t be me!  I’m still a Mommy!  Does this mean I have to start wearing “mom jeans?”  Do I have to go get the “mom haircut?”

While I love watching my little girl grow up each day, I can’t help but already miss being her “mommy.”  Yes, I’m still “mamamamama” to Cooper, but with as much as he tries to imitate Mason now, I would not be surprised if his first word was “mom” or “dad.”  We’d have to skip the mommy and daddy thing all together with him.  Then it would really be official.

So I write this blog today as a Mom, not a Mommy…  I’ll relish in those little moments when Mason is a little girl again, crying over a scraped knee or something, calling out to “Mommy!”  But I’ll truly enjoy becoming the more sophisticated “Mom” as she becomes a young lady.


One Response to “3-Letter Words”

  1. Angela Says:

    I can’t wait to see pictures of you in mom jeans.

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