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Wii are thankful November 30, 2008

Filed under: Daily Blog — Robin @ findgoodineveryday @ 8:30 pm

What better way to spend Thanksgiving than to Wii…  After much debate (mostly over whether we could afford it), we finally joined the throngs of those getting off the couch but still playing video games.  We bought a Wii.  And I must say that it is pretty awesome.  Despite losing pretty much every game, I’m still enjoying the action of it. 

Jeremy spent the first night with the Wii creating all of the Mii’s (the players you can create to resemble yourself or others), so we were ready with all of the family members to play on Thanksgiving.  Enjoy the pictures below of everyone getting in on the action.

Nana wins at tennis (after crippling Alan with her backhand)

Nana wins at tennis (after crippling Papa with her backhand)

Mason even tried it out!

Mason even tried it out!

Kristin and Jeremy got the hang of it all very quickly and were winning at everything (much to my dismay…  Me?  Competitive?  What?)  Tennis seems to be the favorite so far, but we’ve only played the games that came free with the system.  So there is much more to learn and much more to enjoy! 
I think I’ll be thankful for the Wii for giving us all something to do during the cold winter.  But really, I’m mostly thankful for all of my wonderful family and friends.  And I look forward to Wii-ing with you in the future. 

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