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The benefit of slowing down. November 10, 2008

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We had big plans for yesterday.  It was going to be a great day!  My mom and the in-laws were all arriving around 10:30am.  We were going to hop on the metro and go downtown to the Green Festival.  I was really looking forward to the day.  Yes, the Green Festival would have been interesting, and I had heard there were great kids’ activities.  But I also was looking forward to the metro ride knowing that Mason really enjoys the train, and it would have been Cooper’s first ride.  (Remember, it’s the little pleasures I like.)  Then we were going to come back and have a delicious meal with everyone.

Well, right around 10am, Mason started complaining that she didn’t feel well.  Then she started with the cough.  It was over.  She went to bed to take a nap.  No metro ride.  No Green Festival.  No fun.  Not that I was blaming my sick kids (Cooper’s been dealing with the cough for a week now, but had been getting better), but I was just disappointed in the circumstances.  So we had to come up with an alternative plan.

Maybe the problem is not just in her throat.

Maybe the problem is not just in her throat.

After much debate, we ended up just going to Candy Cane Park and then for a walk.  Mason brightened up at the park and enjoyed the slide, the see-saw and chasing her daddy around.  Cooper enjoyed the swing.  All in all, it was fun.  Then we went for a walk while Mason just rested in the stroller.  It was a gorgeous fall day, and Rock Creek Park can just be stunning this time of year. 

We came back and rested.  I reflected on the fact that we didn’t need a big DC focused day.  We just needed our neighborhood park and a beautiful fall day.  I’d say we had a nice environmentally friendly day too – Green Festival or not.

I still got to spend time with my family.  I still got to see the smiles on my kids’ faces at the park.  It was a slow, relaxed day, and it was wonderful.


2 Responses to “The benefit of slowing down.”

  1. meema Says:

    hey, ro, if mason loves to dance then let her dance. Like you, I always wanted to be a dancer, loved to dance, and still do love to dance. but hey, not to sound jealous but have to admit I was—sister pat got the piano lessons and well by the time the rest of us rolled around there wasn’t a lot of extra $$. and of course, in the olden days, there wasn’t girl’s soccer or very much for that matter for girls. we did do swim team in the summer–my bros and myself–but that was about it until high school and the chance to be on the drill team and then cheerleading. so…don’t feel like soccer is the only way…even though you were darn good…let there be dancing…in our hearts, homes, and everyday lives. love meema.

  2. Angela Says:

    This picture is priceless!

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