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Crawling and Chicken November 6, 2008

Filed under: Daily Blog — Robin @ findgoodineveryday @ 8:26 pm

I knew this day would come…  a day in which it is hard to find the good.  It’s good that it is happening close to the beginning of this blog so as not to have this immense pressure on me to never have a negative post.  I don’t want to put anything negative in this blog, because the point of it is to find the positive.  Therefore I don’t want to use this to bitch and moan about all the bad things that have happened so far today.  It just forces me to look really deep to find the good.  And hopefully in finding it, I can have a new outlook on the day.

Since I wrote the first paragraph earlier in the day, the good did present itself.  Two events I have been waiting for for a long time…

Cooper crawling

The first was Cooper finally crawling on hands and knees.  He’s been doing the commando crawl for a month or two, and we accepted he may never get on his knees.  We have hardwood floors, and so we just assumed that he didn’t like the hardness.  He would take a step or two on his knees and then just get down to his belly and scoot all over the place.  But when we picked him up from school today, his teacher, Ms. Aletha, said he was crawling on hands and knees all day.  Yay!  So we brought him home and immediately put him on the floor.  Sure enough, he started crawling!  Real crawling!  He’ll soon learn to be much faster on his knees, and then watch out!

As if my evening couldn’t get any better…  as Jeremy and I were eating our Moby Dick Kabob-e-Joojeh (mmmm…), Mason kept wanting our rice.  I told her she couldn’t have any more rice without eating the chicken too.  Well, maybe I should preface this for those of you who don’t know about Mason’s pickiness.  The girl does not eat meat.  She never has.  Besides the fake meat Chef Boyardee likes to claim is in their raviolis, she has never taken a liking to it.  (oh wait, she eats hot dogs too)  This is quite the problem considering Jeremy and I eat meat or poultry every night, and most often it is chicken (yes, paired with rice of some sort).   I believe that since Mason liked the rice so much, she finally decided it was worth it to try the chicken along with it.  She ate 5 bites of chicken and rice!  Oh, could a mother be more proud!?  My daughter had chicken and rice for the first time!  Really, it is a miracle.


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