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Where does she get this stuff? November 4, 2008

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I have to write about 2 statements Mason has made over the past couple of days.  I really can hardly believe the things that come out of her mouth these days.  She is so eloquent, and she also understands and picks up on so much more than we think. 

The first statement she made was on Monday.  I’m usually in a rush on Mondays since there is so much more to pull together for school (sheets, blankets, payment check, food, etc.)  No matter how early we get up, I still can’t get out of the house before 8am.  I just don’t get it!  Anyway, on our way down the street, I stopped to let a bus turn onto the road ahead of us.  After letting him through, Mason said, “Good job, Mommy.”  I asked why.  She said, “You didn’t say, ‘GO!'” 

Yes, that’s right.  My 3-year-old has quickly learned about how mommy needs more patience while driving.  I guess I get a little frustrated every now and then.  (or maybe more often than I’d like to admit)  So I learned that I need to showcase the patience my kids have already taught me a little more often, especially while driving. 

The second statement she made was this morning.  She had picked a cute outfit to wear.  It was a short-sleeved shirt, but when I asked her to get a sweatshirt, she listened and went to pull one out of her drawer.  Then she came into the kitchen with her Crocs and her brown Mary Janes.  She said the Crocs would be for school, and then she’d change into the Mary Janes to go outside.  Umm…  no.  I told her it was too cold for Crocs and that she needed socks to go with her Mary Janes.  The tantrum was already brewing as she went into her room.  I could hear the drawer slam shut and her heavy heels (which Jeremy loves to point out come frome me).  I asked what was wrong.  “I don’t look pretty with socks!”

What?!  Where does she get this stuff?  I was shocked that my 3-year-old is already having self-image issues.  Certainly something I want to squelch right away!  I talked her through the sock issue, but all day I couldn’t help wonder what I was going to do to keep promoting a positive self-image.  I worry about young girls these days.  It’s tough.  I learned today that I need to be more positive about my own self-image. 

Just to show that Mason and I have no reason to be down on ourselves (if I do say so myself), here is a picture from this past weekend.  Our own little “glamour” shot…



One Response to “Where does she get this stuff?”

  1. Angela Says:

    I love this. The 3-year-old mind can teach us so much. In my case it is to be curious about everything and ask questions. Also, he reminds me to pay attention to details by meticulously describing his toys to people. These are things that I have long since lost and probably need to get back to. I’m glad you started this. And, I must say, BEAUTIFUL picture. 🙂

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